beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]Welcome to our world of Developing People – Delivering Results.

Our primary purpose is to develop first class leaders, and we know that by Developing Leaders we maximise our impact in Delivering Results.  As a values based company, we start from a belief that the wise leader knows they can always be better, and that leadership development is a journey… not a destination.

Working only with highly regarded Associates, we create a trust based relationship with our clients that enables us to work together to maximise deep learning  and transformation.  We don’t do ‘sheep dipping’ since we respect the individuality of the leader and the organisation and we want them to have the best tailored experience of leadership development possible.

beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]Our mission is to provide tailored development for successful leaders who want to continue to stretch themselves, their senior team, and their organisation.

The Director and Associates of Harvey McMillan bring significant strategic leadership experience to the table, and are highly qualified to bring you cutting edge ideas and innovative approaches to your development aspirations.

We have a commitment to work only with a small hand-picked group of Associates who embrace our Philosophy and Approach and can add value to the team.  Each one is a respected professional in their own right.

beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]Whether you are a Leader in an established or new role, whether you want to stretch your own leadership capability or that of your senior team, or whether your whole organisational leadership team needs a new impetus, we can partner you to create an innovative and stretching multi-approach development experience that will take you to new levels.  Whether you own a micro business, and SME or are part of a Global business we will tailor a results focussed approach.

We also provide a range of complementary services because we know that organisations who look after their people… look after their results.  Let us partner you in Developing People – Delivery Results.