Where does leadership development begin?

beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]Over the next week or so, our blog will be focussing on the leadership journey.  It is our view that as soon as you begin to think about leadership development, it is necessary to establish where the development is starting from… and we have a particular resistance to sheep dipping!

In our work with leaders, and emerging leaders, we are confident that the best development needs to be built on a clear understanding of the current capabilities and capacity of the individual.   Tailoring a Leadership Development experience is eased by clarity around the person’s preferences, skills, abilities, and strengths, even if these are still emerging rather than fully formed.  And ‘fully formed’ is a phrase that perhaps will never be used accurately when describing leaders.

Putting energy and effort into identifying the starting point for leadership development will ensure that the resources are used to best effect and the greatest benefit to the individual and the organisation will be achieved.

So before you decide on where you want to go with Leadership Development, get clear about the where the starting line is.

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