Have the courage to face the truth

beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]There is a saying that someone I know said a couple of years ago and it is one I find myself either thinking or saying with some regularity.  “You can’t read the label when you’re inside the jar!”  How true this is.

So when it comes to challenging ourselves to face the truth, before we get into ‘I always face up to the way things are’, pause for a moment and consider what you may be ignoring which is staring everyone else in the face.

We all have our blind spots and one of the characteristics of great leaders is that they have an alertness and awareness of themselves, of their impact on others, and of their own personality and behavioural characteristics… including those that they have to manage rather than allow to flourish.

So have the courage to face the truth… and take the time to listen to the feedback of others in order that you can make a more honest assessment and be more self aware of your blind spots, whether in relation to yourself, your team, of some circumstance within your organisation.

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2 Responses to Have the courage to face the truth

  1. What Can You Do At The Point.When You Are At Fault.

  2. Martha says:

    If you know you are the one at fault, have the courage to say so. Having the courage to face the truth is just the first step – the magic is in the action you take as a result of facing the truth.

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