Knowing me – Knowing you

ball logoHow many times over your career have you had a manager or leader who was completely blind to the impact he or she was having on those around them?  Well, guess what… as a leader it is likely that you too will have your blind spot and try as you will, you may not be able to see it for yourself.

So here’s a couple of ideas to help you get looking:

(1) Revisit psychometrics and undergo some personal profiling

(2) Work with a coach to help you look at your behaviour and learn how you may modify aspects which other people find challenging

(3) Undergo 360 Feedback on a reasonably regular basis – always with feedback being returned to a central independent person qualified to analyse and give feedback

(4) Make asking for feedback an ongoing part of what you do, and take care to see it simply as useful information which you may choose to use or not

And the bonus… the more you can become self aware of your own traits, behaviours, and preferences, the more you may be able to appreciate the traits, behaviours and preferences of others.

Knowing other people begins with knowing yourself.

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