The value of trust

ball logoWhat is the value of trust?  Who you can trust? How do you know? What happens when you loose it?

Harvey McMillan is proud to say that it has a strong value base as a company.  As the business owner that means that the values are close to my core personal values – you would expect nothing less.  One of our core values is trust.  So we work towards building trust with all our stakeholders:  clients, associates who work with us, employees, colleagues we network with, other fellow businesses, and even suppliers.

Our values in Harvey McMillan are:

  • Trust – high levels of trust and openness
  • Integrity – at every stage of our partnership
  • Quality – in every area of our delivery and relationships
  • Respect – for difference, culture and the needs and rights of each person we have contact with
  • Creativity – designed for you
  • Innovation – new thinking new tools
  • Yarak – alert and ready to respond
  • Making a Difference – clear measurable outcomes

The value of trust cannot be under-estimated nor can the ease with which it can be lost.  Trust and integrity are the building blocks on which all our other values stand, and our whole value proposition leads to our global value of making a difference!

So what trust value do you have in your organisation, with your staff, your partners, your clients and customers?  How do you know?  What are you doing day by day to build and strengthen trust?

Are you a leader that people trust?  Create high trust in your team and in your organisation and you will be amazed at the outcomes, rewards and the value of Trust.


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