Our philosophy

Our philosophy around leading and leadership has grown and evolved from our extensive experience of being leaders and working with leaders.

beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]Harvey McMillan Associates exists to develop first class leaders.  As a values based company, we start from a belief that the wise leader knows that leading even better is always possible, and that leadership development is an ongoing journey… not a destination.  Working only with highly regarded Associates, we create a trust based relationship with our clients that enables us to work together to maximise deep learning  and transformation.  We don’t do ‘sheep dipping’ since we respect the individuality of the leader and the organisation and we want them to have the best tailored experience of leadership development possible.

We believe there is no end to the leadership journey.  The start is the point on the journey where we first meet them.

We believe leading successfully requires high levels of self awareness with regard to self, others, how we think, what we’re feeling and ultimately the action we take.

We believe your continuing success as a leader requires navigation and adaptability within a fluid and ever-changing environment where the skills and knowledge of yesterday is less important than the inspiration and innovation of today.