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Great day yesterday delivering another C

Great day yesterday delivering another Conversational Intelligence day in Aberdeen. Don’t you just love reading the Feedback/Evaluation forms? One participant said “Very inspiring and interactive. This should become mandatory for all existing and potential leaders.” Changing the world – one … Continue reading

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All set up and ready to go for our full

All set up and ready to go for our full day Introduction to Conversational Intelligence. Changing the world one conversation at a time!

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Speaking at the Business Women Scotland

Speaking at the Business Women Scotland Event in Aberdeen this morning at Norwood Hall. Hope to see you there!

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Wisdom of the 5 Brains

It has been fascinating to ask people in our Introduction to Conversational Intelligence® events if they can think of a time when someone really pressed their buttons, or if they can think of a person who seems to have this … Continue reading

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This conversation is going nowhere!

You know the kind of conversation I mean.  You’ve probably been part of one… where every new sentence adds a new layer of complexity, frustration, and helplessness as each person seeks to have his or her point of view heard … Continue reading

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Shifting Culture through Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)

“Culture has become the secret sauce of organizational life:  the thing that makes the difference but for which no one has the recipe.”              Margaret Heffernan I’ve been reading Margaret Heffernan’s little TED Book on things which are Beyond Measure: … Continue reading

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The value of trust

What is the value of trust?  Who you can trust? How do you know? What happens when you loose it? Harvey McMillan is proud to say that it has a strong value base as a company.  As the business owner … Continue reading

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What is the authentic leader?

I was smiling at some biographical details which were provided for a presentation I was giving at a women’s conference where I was answering the question: How can I be an authentic leader and still retain my female self?  The … Continue reading

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Knowing me – Knowing you

How many times over your career have you had a manager or leader who was completely blind to the impact he or she was having on those around them?  Well, guess what… as a leader it is likely that you … Continue reading

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5 Confidence Builders for Leaders

Confidence is a critical factor in high performers, and in high performing teams. It goes without saying that if you are a leader… you will have followers.  The size and scope of your leadership role will to some extent be … Continue reading

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