Developing the Leader

Executive Coaching for leaders has demonstrable benefits to the individual and the organisation.  It creates for the leader a safe space to be honest and open, to be listened to and challenged, and to celebrate successful outcomes and create and test new ideas and goals.

We are committed to transformational coaching which develops the person beyond the content of the session and the challenge in hand.  It shifts self awareness and knowledge creating a paradigm shift which supports behaviour change.

Much of our work also centres around high level areas including values and beliefs, sense of identity, and personal mission and purpose.

We have a team of coaches who are different in style, gender, background and interests who have a common characteristic of being committed to excellence in coaching, and sustainable development for clients.

Consequently our approach is to our clients as a ‘whole person’ and we can offer a range of psychometrics to allow clients to explore their preferences and behaviours.  Typically clients find this a more useful experience when placed outside of the Recruitment and Selection process.