Other Services

Organisatiobeach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]n Structure Review and Development

With a significant amount of experience in Organisational structural review and design, we can facilitate strategic discussion and decision making, and support you if you need to consider (or reconsider) purpose, vision, mission and values. Developing alignment across your organisation in terms of its structure is critical to growth,                                        performance excellence and profitability.


Mediation has a high degree of success when facilitated by a qualified Mediator.  This is preferable to going down a more combatitive route, and can save the expense of longer and more time-consuming processes.

Coaching and External Supervision

Separate from our Leadership Development work, we offer coaching to individuals who are facing challenge, change or simply want to develop themselves in their role or for a new role.  We can provide first 90 days coaching for newly promoted staff.  We also recognise that those in isolated roles can benefit from external supervision which creates a safe space for them to explore their challenges and decisions with a neutral person.beach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1]