Developing the Board or Leadership Team

We specialise in offering Leadership Development across the senior team – whoever that comprises in your organisation.  The exponential benefit of having everyone commited to improving their capacity for leadership at the same time offers, in our experience, best value for the investment.

As you will read inbeach-ball-vector-movesb-copy1[1] all of our literature, we have an aversion to a sheep dipping approach.  Typically our engagement with you will begin with a detailed study of the current leadership capacity and capability, and will then result in a tailored proposal outlining the proposed direction of travel and methods and approaches to be used for the period of the leadership journey.  The proposal will also detail expected outcomes and sustainability issues.

It is possible, and even likely, that each person will start where they are – not where the organisation would like them to be – and will work towards improved leadership capability through a structured and supported approach. It is likely that some parts of the Leadership Journey will be travelled together and some parts with the individual alone.

A range of approaches and methods will be used, and we are committed to keeping at the forefront of thinking and writing in the field of leadership.